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October Flower Of The Month - Marigolds

October Flower Of The Month - Marigolds

Posted by Midwood Flower Shop - Charlotte Florist on Apr 5th 2020

October is here, there is no better time to learn about marigolds. Marigold flowers emulate pumpkins and jack o'lanterns with their orange petals. It is no wonder marigolds are October’s signature flower. Marigolds have a rich history and are known for their durability. Share these fun facts and historical meanings with your friends and family.

Marigold History

Marigolds have been recorded in history since the Aztecs. The Aztecs were enchanted by marigold’s rich color, believing it contained magical properties. Within time, others discovered their beauty as well. Spanish explorers were captivated by marigolds and brought them to Spain. The marigolds thrived there, and were typically planted at Spainsh monasteries. Now marigolds can be found throughout the world. Marigolds are widely used for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Marigolds are used during Dia de los Muertos because the vibrant colors reportedly guide spirits to their loved ones. Moreover, written in Shakespeare’s play, A Winter’s Tale, there is mention of marigolds. There is a large history for marigolds, as many cultures have adapted and created new meanings.

Marigold Symbolism

Marigolds take on different meanings depending on the color, era, and region. Their colors can be red, orange, and yellow. In some cultures the yellow marigolds have a strong meaning. This is due to a belief that people would offer the Virgin Mary gold coins. However, people who did not possess gold would gift these flowers as an alternative. In contrast, during the Victorian era, marigolds symbolize despair and grief. Marigolds were called Monk head in Germany. This is because marigolds appear as a monk’s hairstyle when the petals are plucked. Another interesting symbolism is associated with witches. It is said that witches wore marigolds to protect themselves against the plague and also prevent people from gossiping. Typically marigolds symbolize desire, wealth, creativity, passion, the sun, and guidance for spirits. Perhaps you already associate marigolds with these meanings.

Planting and Care for Marigolds

Marigolds are a durable flower, blooming in spring to autumn. The perfect time to plant marigolds is in spring. They will quickly sprout and bloom after 2 months. They naturally fight off insects and bacteria in the soil. Rebelling bacterial growth keeps the soil healthy for other plants as well. If you plan to grow vegetables, marigolds are a great prerequisite to get the soil healthy. The best way to do this is to plant the marigolds in spring where you would want your vegetables to grow. Then during mid-summer, replace the marigolds with vegetables. Their beauty and durability make for a great flower to keep in your garden. Marigolds thrive in warm climates and do well in droughts. However, it is best to water marigolds twice a week. Sometimes, marigolds can encounter fungal infections. This happens when the petals are too wet. To avoid this, water the flower’s foundation instead of the petals. Overall, marigolds are a low maintenance flower and is beneficial to the soil. It is no surprise marigolds are a popular choice.

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