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September Flower Of The Month - The Aster

September Flower Of The Month - The Aster

Posted by Midwood Flower Shop on Apr 5th 2020

The aster flower is known for its whimsical beauty and Greek origins. The orange center contrasted with purple petals capture the eye and are perfect for an autumn aesthetic. Apart from aster’s connection to September, there is more symbolism, care, and history you may be intrigued to learn about. Let’s dive into some interesting facts, meanings, and care behind this mystical flower.


Aster’s origins are recorded in Greek mythology. This flower is named after the Greek goddess, Astraea. The story is, Astraea wanted to see more stars in the sky and due to her disappointment, she started crying. However, as her tears ran down her face they sprinkled the ground and turned into flowers. This brought joy as aster flowers are star shaped and therefore provided Astraea with another version of stars.


The aster flowers come in different colors, because of this, other meanings arise. A common meaning associated with purple asters is royalty. Whereas, white symbolizes purity. Red asters are known for devotion and pink symbolizes love. Apart from colors, aster is also a symbol for Venus and Virgo. The overall meaning of aster flowers can be condensed to love, faith, and wisdom.

Flower of the month - Aster Charlotte Florist

Aster and Holistic Medicine

These flowers are utilized for more than decoration or symbolism. For instance, in Chinese medicine, it is noted that aster flowers can be brewed to tea and used as a remedy for digestion. Holistic remedies utilizing these flowers also treat, hangovers, asthma, coughing, and much more. Knowing the diversity of this plant, it is no wonder they are popular. Next time you’re feeling under the weather, research remedies and maybe aster can help.

Fun Facts

These flowers have a high tendency to attract insects like butterflies and bees due to the flower’s vibrant colors. For aster flowers this is a good thing, because they rely on insects for pollination. Don’t spray away bees because they keep our flowers reproducing. The more bees, the more flowers!

These flowers are survivors in contrasting climates. Most aster species are drought resistant. Making them a good choice for environments with little water. Surprisingly, in contrast, asters thrive in moist environments as well.

Aster flowers have marked their journey in history. They were commonly worn by soldiers in the Hungarian revolution. Because of this, it is frequently called, the Aster Revolution. The flowers were noted as a symbol of importance and highlight the interesting significance of flowers.

Care & Planting

Cool and moist climates are best for these flowers to thrive

Mid or late spring is the best time to plant asters

While planting, provide the asters with plenty of water

Add mulch when you finished planting

You may need to add more or less water if the flower petals seem distressed

Aster flowers carry strong origins and symbolism. Often, people talk of their unique nature and celebrate their beauty. September’s flower, aster, is the perfect flower to decorate for autumn.

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