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Thanksgiving History and our Top Picks to help you celebrate!

Thanksgiving History and our Top Picks to help you celebrate!

Posted by Midwood Flower Shop - Charlotte Florist on Apr 5th 2020

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! This holiday is cherished by many, due to the gathering of family and saying thanks. Give thanks by gifting a bouquet from Midwood Flower Shop. We have many arrangements designed for the season. The options are endless! Moreover, Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones and of course, eat food! Let's jump into the history of Thanksgiving and some of our top flowers and treats from our flower shop in Charlotte, NC.

Thanksgiving Charlotte Blog Post

Thanksgiving History

There were multiple reasons why Thanksgiving has become what it is today. We have to go back in time to find out why! Before Europeans settled in North America, the Native people of North America always said thanks for their blessings by celebrating with ceremonies. Europeans started making their way to the New World on the Mayflower. During their journey and arrival, many pilgrims were starved and ill. Luckily, a Native American, Squanto helped the Pilgrims prepare and nurture corn, withdraw sap from trees, hunt fish, and more. In November 1621, the pilgrims successfully harvested corn. To celebrate, the Pilgrims and their Native American associates had a feast that lasted three days. There was another Thanksgiving held by the Pilgrims in 1623, after a drought. Throughout time, Thanksgiving was more prominent and celebrated for various reasons. In today's society, Thanksgiving may not be celebrated in a religious way. This holiday has become a gathering of family or friends to say thanks and of course eat! To learn more about Thanksgiving’s history, here is a Youtube video linked below.

Decorate for Thanksgiving

Whether you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or going to one, flowers can be the perfect decoration and gift. Midwood Florist Shop has bouquets arranged for any occasion. Gifting flowers is a way to say thanks to your family or friends and show how much you appreciate them. As well as, adding warm colors to your home for the holidays. Here are some notable arrangements:

Traditional Thanksgiving Centerpiece and Pie Combo

This arrangement is beautifully done by utilizing fall colors. The green, purple, orange, and red variations attract anyone to this piece. Along with this arrangement comes a pie! You can choose pumpkin or pecan pie. Check out this display at the link below.

Rustic Thanksgiving Cornucopia

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, this cornucopia is a great way to greet your guests as they arrive at your door. This display has an inviting charm due to its warm cozy colors. It welcomes your guests inside! This arrangement will be linked below.

Flowering Pumpkin with Pie Combo

Pumpkins are an iconic symbol for Thanksgiving because they illustrate the meaning of autumn. This arrangement, filled with autumn aesthetic, makes it a perfect decoration for Thanksgiving. Along with the beauty, this display also comes with pumpkin or pecan pie. Yum! Learn more about this arrangement by clicking the link below.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to show family and friends how thankful you are for them. Midwood Flower Shop can help you arrange the perfect gift for your loved ones. Our shop also offers delivery services for Charlotte and neighboring areas, allowing you to give thanks to someone special further away. Learn more about our delivery services here-

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